Ask any girl who is preparing the day that she becomes a bride or a woman who is newly engaged and you will learn one important thing about the future bride, no matter what her age; she loves to look at pictures of wedding dresses.

Why do women pour over bridal magazines or connect to the internet looking at so many pictures? There are several reasons why:

  • To get some ideas of the style that is wanted
  • To look at a specific designer or several
  • To look at a specific bridal house where the most styles are housed
  • To get an idea of the color
  • To get an idea of the fit
  • To pick styles to take with them when trying on dresses
  • To get a ballpark range of different prices for their own budget
  • To get free wedding dress photos

One good source for wonderful pictures of wedding dresses would be from movies. More and more movies are including wedding scenes that features happy endings of their main characters. With this, designer wedding dresses continue to be seen via these movies.

Kristen Stewart : Breaking Dawn

Love or hate the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart made a stunning vamp bride.  This elegantly embellished wedding dress with a beautiful sheer illusion back was created by Carolina Herrera.

Clémence PoésyFleur Delacour : Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Jany Temime created a beautiful combination of black and white for Fleur Delacour’s wedding.

 Sarah Jessica Parker: Sex And The City

Only a Vivienne Westwood can pull out a perfectly made wedding dress for a Carie Bradshaw character.  Talk about style and attitude in a wedding dress.

Leighton Meester : Gossip Girl

The ultimate queen bee and fashionista Blair Waldorf looked sensational on a Vera Wang wedding dress.  ~ XOXO

Kristen Bell: When in Rome

Fall in love with Amsale’s Tyler’s wedding dress as seen on When in Rome movie.


Amanda Seyfried :Mamma Mia

Ann Roth was able to create an ethereal glow with this stunning Grecian Gown for Mamma Mia movie.


Keira Knightley : Love Actually

Don’t you just love the feather accents on this wedding dress?

Rachel McAdams : The Vow

Who says Hollywood Movie brides should only wear long gowns? Betsey Johnson created a fun, flirty, short pink wedding dress.

Natalie Portman : Star Wars II

The intricate detail of the veil is absolutely stunning! Trisha Biggar’s wedding dress created a mystical and dramatic outfit for queen Amidala.


  Kate Hudson :  Bride Wars

Beautiful tulle wedding dress with a classic lace by Vera Wang.

 Audrey Hepburn: Funny Face

Iconic Audrey Hepburn worn a Givenchy wedding dress on Funny Face movie.


Vintage wedding dresses, simple wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses, there are so many different styles in wedding gowns today. Some are very simple in design and construction and others are very elaborate with detailed beading and structure. There are brides that will gravitate toward each of these styles and too many others in the middle. The style that a bride wants is not necessarily the one that she will purchase. Some brides believe that one style will be perfect but once it is on her body, she does not like the look for her. This means going back to the drawing room to try on other styles.

One Designer in Mind

Some brides have one main designer in mind and they are adamant that this is the designer of the line of dresses that intrigue them the most. This is difficult if the bride’s budget will not allow for a purchase from the designer. However, the budget conscious bride can look at a particular designer and try to find one that can deliver a similar result that will stay on track with their budget needs.

Color is Important

Many brides today will still choose the white bridal gown. However, there are many women who really do not look in white, and would do better in an ivory or off white gown. There are other brides that will be going for a pastel color, pink or baby blue and for those off the beaten path brides, the color red or black has been a popular choice.

Taking the Pictures of Wedding Dresses with Them

Most brides to be will cut out numerous pictures of wedding dresses and take these pictures with them so that when they are visiting a bridal salon, they can ask to see that specific gown. However, not all bridal salons will carry the same designer, especially if that store is small. In addition, some of the bridal pictures will not carry the prices of the gowns, so the bride may be in for quite a shock. However, if a bride brings in a selection of pictures of wedding dresses at least it is a good starting point for the bridal consultant to understand what type of dress and style the bride is leaning towards. This is an important first step.